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Discussion in 'Fun & Games' started by Shortie861, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    This is a Would You Rather game :) basically I give two option of something and the next poster has to choose which they would rather choose and then post two option for the next poster :)

    Here goes

    Blackberry or iPhone?
  2. web ninja CrazRoid.com Editor

    Ooh hard... I'd probably have to go iPhone... I know I just betrayed Android.

    Samsung or LG phone?
  3. Marc Forum Administrator


    Android or iOS? :sneaky:
  4. web ninja CrazRoid.com Editor


    Virtual QWERTY keyboard or Physical?
  5. dilawer Forum Moderator


    Smartphone or Tablet?
  6. Marc Forum Administrator


    $1,000,000 US or a night with Megan Fox? :sneaky:
  7. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    $1.000.000 :) or in my case pounds :p

    Cats or Dogs
  8. dilawer Forum Moderator


    Xbox 360 or PS3
  9. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    Xbox 360 :)

    Would you rather Halo or Call of Duty?
  10. Marc Forum Administrator

    Call of Duty!

    Would you rather eating a worm or eating a dog?
  11. dilawer Forum Moderator


    Would you rather drink Urine or Die?
  12. Marc Forum Administrator

    Drinking urine. It's not as bad as dying, ;)

    Would you rather kissing someone of the opposite sex or being naked in public (in front of males & females)?
  13. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    Kissing someone of the opposite sex

    Would you rather sing in public or dance in public?
  14. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Sing in public.

    Would you rather steal something to eat or sleep hungry?
  15. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    Sleep hungry

    Would you rather sunshine or rain?
  16. Marc Forum Administrator


    Would you rather getting a cat or a dog?
  17. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    Cat :)

    Would you rather house or apartment?
  18. Marc Forum Administrator


    Would you rather Shakira or Beyonce?
  19. dilawer Forum Moderator


    Would you rather Rap or Pop?
  20. xpl0iter I'm Not Crazy, or Am I

    cocacola or pepsi?