Would you buy a Surface RT Tablet for $349?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows Phone & Tablet' started by Marc, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Marc Forum Administrator

    According to The Verge, the price tag of the Surface RT might be reduced to $349 US.
    Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/07/12/microsoft-slashing-price-of-surface-rt-to-349

    Would you buy a Surface RT Tablet for $349?
  2. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    If I was a bigger MS Office 2013 user, and I needed a cheap tablet for MS Office, I may buy the RT Tablet.

    I find a lot of the Apps in the Windows 8 App store kind of expensive compared to Apps in Google Play, and for iOS which cost 1 dollar, or there is a free ad-supported versions.
  3. Darth-Apple I'm Not Crazy, or Am I

    I've never really been too much of a fan of microsoft products, primarily because they always seem a bit expensive for what they are. Of course Apple products are the same way, but Apple has a reputation for better quality in their products, so it's worth it if you have the money in your pocket.

    I will admit that some products from Microsoft are very good. Office is one of those products that is hard to find a decent alternative to that has the same reputation for quality. However, I'm not sure I would buy a windows based tablet simply to run a few good microsoft programs. The price drop of the tablet does look very nice, however. It does seem like a pretty good deal.
  4. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    I read Windows RT is more safe from virus and spyware because you can only install MS approved Apps/programs from the Microsoft 8 App Store which is one of Windows RT biggest advantages, but also one of Windows RT biggest disadvantages because there are not as many Apps in the Windows 8 Apps store compared to Windows 8 which can run both Windows 8 Store Apps, and regular Windows programs which are compatible with 8.

    Windows RT not running regular Windows program also means that viruses made for the 32bit and 64bit PC version of Windows won't run in Windows RT.

    Windows RT Tablet might be a good for the less tech savvy to use for online banking, shopping, taxes, and schooling, so they are less likely to lose information and time fixing Windows because of a virus.