What do you think of Blackberry?

Discussion in 'BlackBerry and BlackBerry World' started by 50Cent, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. 50Cent Let Go My AnDroid

    Ok firstly i am a iphone user so i know nothing much about blackberry.

    So what do you guys think about blackberry? For me i heard that blackberry is a smartphone that is more towards business type of smartphone instead of playing games..
  2. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    I used a blackberry for a little while after owning an iPhone and before owning my Android phone and to be honest I saw them as great phones however they always lacked in something which was the reason I ended up going for android over a upgrade on my blackberry. I remember numerous times someone telling me about an app and when I checked on the blackberry app store for it, it was never there however it was on the apple of android market place which was really annoying.
  3. Marc Forum Administrator

    It's not only for business users. Many people also use it to communicate with their friends Via BBM.
    It gets really addictive, :sneaky:

    I agree with Shortie, there are much more better apps than BB in the Apple Store or Android Market.
    Although, there are some pretty decent apps for blackberries.
  4. anna_karenina Highly Addictive User

    BB is actually great for email and for business stuff. When it comes of taking pictures, for example, well... BB sucks in this case :).
  5. Marc Forum Administrator

    That with all BlackBerry phones, ;)
  6. Avent Forum Moderator

    I would say it is sort of sub par. A decent option if you are not interested in apps. BBM is its main selling point.
  7. Meet New Kid on the Block

    The first phone of mine was blackberry. I used it for a long period of time. It was a good phone and was really worth of its cost. But recently I bought samsung galaxy s3 smartphone which is really cool and I also purchased note 10.1 so now I don't need blackberry any more and I am doing gery well with my s3 and its really cool.
  8. IVOXX Let Go My AnDroid

    It seems like a consensus has formed: Blackberry offers BBM but without peers who use Blackberry that has no value. I would say if everybody in the office has a Blackberry, you're probably going to have one too. But I don't hear a lot of Blackberry users raving about gaming and graphics. So I guess we can move into the nexus for that.
  9. dilawer Forum Moderator

    The new Blackberry series seems promising. Although, it needs a lot of polishing to stand a chance against the likes of android and iOS but it has potential, though a little.
  10. Victoria Let Go My AnDroid

    I had a really old blackberry and the browser didn't work even though I had to pay for a media plan to use it. If it had been newer and I could actually use the apps put on it I probably would still be using it. I loved it for texting.
  11. Corvus Highly Addictive User

    Most companies that I know use blackberry. It's great for business. It's quite fast to get to your email and the apps load fast too. The battery lasts longer than most phones. It's a cool phone to use.
  12. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Those companies are now making the switch to iOS or Android Cuz employees want something flashy! :-D
  13. Corvus Highly Addictive User

    Yeah.. most likely. Some of my friends are using those.
    Companies have to please employees too.. otherwise they will have some troubles. :cautious:
    There's a lot of cool promotions here to companies so.. people can pick trend phones.
  14. sagarsaw Let Go My AnDroid

    Blackberry was strictly for business use in the older times with the Blackberry Email services and the BBM chat was pretty handy for business users.But slowly it is evolving as a every user device with their new devices targeted for enthusiast users with touch enabled berries like the Z10,Torch and the newest Blackberry 10 OS
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  15. devcellent New Kid on the Block

  16. IVOXX Let Go My AnDroid

    Does Blackberry have keyboard slide out models?
  17. Marc Forum Administrator

    That's the blackberry torch 9800 and 9810.
  18. Victoria Let Go My AnDroid

    Well, mine didn't work. :( I didn't even know what was wrong with it, I think it was just so old that it couldn't be updated (I tried) and the version of the browser that it did have was so outdated that it wasn't supported or something like that. At least that is what I am assuming because I couldn't find any other problems with it.
  19. Nuke Crazy Drama Queen

    It runs Android and iOS apps. This makes it better.
  20. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    I'm not the biggest fan of Blackberry, but I must admit that they make some sensational phones. And even though they're not doing very well currently, I'm sure that the Q10 and the Z10 will save them. It would be a shame for them to disappear from the smartphone market...