What comes after Blackberry 10?

Discussion in 'BlackBerry and BlackBerry World' started by Warwick, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Warwick New Kid on the Block

    Are there any news in regards to what comes after Blackberry 10? Does Blackberry intend to offer an OS update any time soon, and will it be a minor one (like Blackberry 10 point something) or a major one (Blackberry 11) ?
  2. Avent Forum Moderator

    A lot of updates will come I presume. That is what tends to happen with most products in technology.
  3. Marc Forum Administrator

    BlackBerry 10.1.
    I heard that it introduces a couple of new features to the OS.
  4. premiere Let Go My AnDroid

    According to Jon Fingas at engadget, the BlackBerry 10.1 update hit April 23, 2013. Included in the update is an HDR camera mode, hub support for contact suggestions, PIN-to-PIN messaging and email with attached messages, per-account message notifications, options to define sound volumes and vibrations for each contact, more granular text selection, better calendar viewing on the Z10, and the ability to copy phone numbers into (or from) the dialer.