[Tutorial] Marketing A Mobile App Before It Launches

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    It's important to market your mobile app before it launches to get word out about it so that it makes sales on Day 1. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to do it as soon as the idea comes to your head, no.. That way you can be exposed the competitors that will most likely steal your idea and beat you to the finish line. However, it's wise to promote the app's details letting people know that it's coming for them to put money aside and prepare for the release date. Of course, you should start once you know development of the app is almost complete and it's on a "steady roll".

    Below are a few pointers on how you can market your app before launching it:

    Creating A Teaser Trailer Video :

    A teaser trailer video will surely get people hyped up about your app, assuming that it's worth getting excited over. Don't give much details in the video like a trailer but have enough content to get the viewer wanting more.

    Here is a good example of a teaser trailer video of the game, Zombies Ala Mode for iPhone :

    It should give you a little inspiration on creating a teaser video of your own and if you seek more examples, you can always ask for support on our forums at CrazyIM.com. You can also try creating teaser videos with limited info which might make viewers curious to know more about your app.

    Build A Splash Page :

    You have the opinion of setting up a website and using a splash page. It can have a form for interested people to submit their email to get notifications when the app is available, link to your social networking profiles such as Twitter and FaceBook so that you can keep in contact with your interested customers, having a "Coming Soon!" note, giving process on the development of the app and anything that you wish to have included.

    Examples of a splash pages can be found below which should help you get some inspiration (hopefully) to create your very own and if you're having difficulties with them, there are website builders which gives you the ability to create simple slash pages easily (without coding knowledge):

    devcellent.png aksident.png kutztown.png skunky.png

    Blogging, Press Releases and Social Media :

    You can get the word out about your app by blogging, using social networking websites for people to follow the process of the app development and press releases. You can give people an idea of what your app will be based on by the following methods mentioned in the heading. If your app is worthy, there will be bloggers blogging about your app promoting it on their websites, letting their visitors know of what's the next must have app. Of course, to get people blogging they must know that your app is 'in the works' so you should get their attention by either press releases or teaser trailer videos.

    You can also tease your fans/followers on social networking websites by giving out hints and previews (images) of the app, making them beg for more. It's good to keep connected with the people that are interested in purchasing your upcoming work so that they don't drift away from making the sale when the day comes.

    Well, I hope that you enjoyed reading this little guide on marketing your mobile application. Stay tuned for more useful tutorials at CrazyIM.com. If you have questions about mobile app marketing, be sure to ask in our forums.
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