Turning your phone into a controller

Discussion in 'Accessory Discussions' started by Jessi, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Jessi BBM Crazy Member


    Have you seen these before? I know there are a lot of different versions that you can hook up, so maybe you've seen one a little different than that.

    I have't ever tried playing on one, but I think it could be cool. At the same time, if I wanted to game that much on a device that size, I'd probably get something that was specifically *for* gaming, like a Nintendo DS.
  2. Marc Forum Administrator

    There's a Nintendo DS emulator available for Android smartphones and tablets that works, :oops:
    Most games run pretty slow from what I've heard. Some are playable, some aren't, :depressed:

    Anyway, I'm a little iffy about that. It's not something that I'd use on an expensive smartphone.
    * fear of the smartphone falling * :dead:
  3. Jessi BBM Crazy Member


    I think most actually hook onto the smartphone so the risk of that would be minimal. You could probably always make sure you're sitting when you game, too, so even if you manage to drop the whole thing, it's just going to land on your lap. :)
  4. Avent Forum Moderator

    Yes seen stuff like this before. Good for adding more control options to your smartphone which most games lack on that technology but it is still not decent enough for me to bother in my opinion.