Phones better than iphone 4s

Discussion in 'Gadget Wars' started by ramtastic05, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. ramtastic05 Let Go My AnDroid

    Are there any phones that are better than the iPhone 4s. Preferably an android phone.

    The only reason I ask is I am looking for a phone that "knovks it out of the park", not just a phone that is comparable or slightly better. I am looking for something that is alot better, performance wise and features.

    Im kind of sick of apple and I am looking for something new.

  2. Marc Forum Administrator

    There are too many to list, :dead:. The popular ones that come to mind are the Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 and Galaxy Note 2. You should also check out the Nexus 4. I'm also hearing rumors about a Galaxy Nexus 2.
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  3. Avent Forum Moderator

    A lot of the newer Android phones are worth noting as Marc has suggested to you. Really iPhone does not offer much in terms of change from phone versions, whereas Android OS numbers tend to change a lot more.
  4. dilawer Forum Moderator

    He bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 a while back, guys come'on check the date on the thread before posting! :p
  5. Marc Forum Administrator

    I know, but we also have to think about the people that find this thread from search engines, :cool:
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  6. Avent Forum Moderator

    Exactly. The discussion is still worthwhile even if there is not interest from the actual original poster no more.