New Nexus 7 Commercial

Discussion in 'Mobile App and Game Marketing' started by Marc, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Marc Forum Administrator

    I like it, but isn't the point of camping to stay away from most of your electronic devices?
  2. web ninja Editor

    Camping is family time... :p
  3. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Gadgets are family, 'nuf said.
  4. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    It's a pretty good video. I sort of wish I had gadgets when going camping many years a go. All I had was a a cabin.
  5. Marc Forum Administrator

    Why not just stay at home or go outside your house with your mobile electronic devices?
    You're saving both gas and time, :oops:
  6. dilawer Forum Moderator

    that's what they're doing in the ad. camping in the backyard of their house :p
  7. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    It was a school trip in 6th grade, so if I stayed home. I most likely had to go to school, and do homework with the substitute teacher until everyone came back from the trip.
  8. Marc Forum Administrator

    :facepalm: ...well that's one large backyard, :brb:
    Yeah, I understand. I wish I had video game handhelds for school trips as well, haha.
  9. web ninja Editor

    Some of those substitute teachers might be worth stayin with... If you know what I mean. :sneaky:
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