F&G Name one thing that you dislike about the smartphone above

Discussion in 'Fun & Games' started by Marc, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Marc Forum Administrator

    Basically, you name one thing that you dislike about the smartphone from the above post.
    After, you continue by naming any smartphone that you wish (for the next poster), :thumbsup:

    I'll begin : LG Nexus 4.
  2. dilawer Forum Moderator

    No microSD support

    iPhone 5
  3. Marc Forum Administrator

    Its price tag for the 32 GB unlocked version.

    Lumia 920
  4. dilawer Forum Moderator

    its Operating System.

    Galaxy SIII
  5. web ninja CrazRoid.com Editor

    So HARD..... The price.

    GALAXY Note 2
  6. Siri Highly Addictive User

    Size! It prints out on your pocket.

    Galaxy Nexus
  7. Marc Forum Administrator

  8. dilawer Forum Moderator

  9. Gayle Graham New Kid on the Block

    :mad:B attery life too short

    Samsung Galaxy S2
  10. Marc Forum Administrator

    Took forever to get the official Jelly Bean update.

    BlackBerry Q10!
  11. AnnaS Highly Addictive User

    The buttons are still too small.

    LG Otpimus L9
  12. web ninja CrazRoid.com Editor

    No 4G

    HTC One
  13. Marc Forum Administrator

    Too expensive, :dummy:

    iPhone 3GS
  14. dilawer Forum Moderator

    No Flash (as in camera flash)

    Galaxy SIII Mini
  15. Marc Forum Administrator

    The "mini", ;)

    Samsung Galaxy S4
  16. dilawer Forum Moderator


    Galaxy Note 2