Minuum Keyboard

Discussion in 'Accessory Discussions' started by Nuke, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Nuke Crazy Drama Queen

  2. Marc Forum Administrator

    I wouldn't pay money for that, however, it looks cool.
  3. Nuke Crazy Drama Queen

    It's kinda lame after some time...and no one would pay for it except for the campaign contributors...lol.
  4. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    Not for me. I prefer my old school keyboard. Still, they already have $76k...that's impressive.
  5. Nuke Crazy Drama Queen

    Yeah, the campaign has been going on for 2/3 of a month, though.
  6. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    Some people really don't know what to do with their money. There are a lot of awesome projects that need investment too. And they're way better than this.
  7. Nuke Crazy Drama Queen

    Yes, I agree. My project, which goes up in a couple months, needs funding. :p

    But you are correct, even if I'm being serious.