love my iPhone 5 !

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple' started by araseyo, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. araseyo New Kid on the Block

    I'd played a couple of run arounds with my iPhone 5. i want more battery life so have turned off WiFi, GPS, lowered screen brightness and my battery life can last up to 2days with medium usage. I also have a replacement battery from mpj which squeezes some extra juice. Last time I replace the battery, I'd turn off my Power saving mode, Wifi, GPS, not to sync automatically, lowered brightness, network mode to GSM only turn on when needed, etc, 4 days it lasted! Love my iPhone 5!
  2. bebop New Kid on the Block

    My iPhone is typical run a full day if not using it very heavily. Do you often replace iPhone battery? I never remove my back door..