it would be better with bigger battery

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    LOVE BB Z10 cuz it is a really a great phone. I usally use data on it a lot--- browsing websites everyday, texting a lot, watching youtube and playing games sometime. Honestly, if Iunplug my phone early morning and the battery may left 1/3 in the afternoon. Sooo…theonly downside for me is heavy battery drain! Because of my usage, extrabatteries became my must have accessories…I take these batteries from greatmanufactories like MPJ around if I am away from a charger in airport, shoopingmall or just on the go. Only a few extra bucks bring a lot extra juice, so whynot? Recently MPJ push 5000mah one, but I haven’t used those bulky stuff need an extra cases yet, is it very heavy?? But the boosted juice is sooo attractive!