iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

Discussion in 'Gadget Wars' started by Shahrier, Nov 28, 2011.


iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung GS2 9 vote(s) 52.9%
Iphone 4S 8 vote(s) 47.1%
  1. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen

    So which one shall it be? For me, it is pretty obvious. The Samsung Galaxy S II hands down.
  2. dilawer Forum Moderator

    You said it.;)
  3. Ikram Crazy Drama Queen

    I think I would also have to go with Samsung Galaxy S II because it has good design and also a better camera than iPhone 4s :)
  4. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Well, I guess both sport an 8 MP shooter...but still the SGSII owns the 4S
  5. XDKiNgKoNgXD New Kid on the Block

    I Still Believe That Both The Phones Are Top Quality, I Cannot Let Down My iPhone.

    The iPhone Gets My Vote Because Of The iOS 5 System. I Really Like It Compared To My Mates Phone :)
  6. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen

    The iPhone's iOS5 is pretty good, but I still think that android can be just as powerful. Android has many different softwares, less powerful ones and more powerful ones, for different phones.
  7. Naiwen Let Go My AnDroid

    Why do you think so? Android's good nuff for me.
  8. Victoria Let Go My AnDroid

    I don't have the iPhone 4S but I do own an iPhone and I will always chose it over any other phone. I am just in love with iPhone's for many reasons including the layout being the easiest and most convenient for my personal taste.
  9. Naiwen Let Go My AnDroid

    True enough, and I like the android's design better than the Iphone's.
  10. Marc Forum Administrator

    The S2 is still faster than the iPhone 4S.
    Therefore, I'm going to go with the Samsung Galaxy S2 over the iPhone 4S, :p
    Although, both phones have their ups and downs, ;)
  11. Loyal_Prod Highly Addictive User

    Not used either of the phones but from what ive heard and seen of it i would go with Samsung GS2.
  12. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen

    That is what I said. I said that Android is just as good, maybe even better, than the iPhone 4S iOS5.

    Also, I chose the GS2 because it is faster and better than the 4S.
  13. SCII I'm Not Crazy, or Am I

    Ive owned the Samsung Vibrant (The Galaxy I) you can it, horrible battery life and was sort of slow and freezed once a month or so. I would go with iPhone 4S on this =/
  14. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen

    Well, I realize that the Galaxy S was laggy but that is because of the older versions of android were not very good. Also, I'd like to remind you that this is the Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4S.
  15. rksst228 Hey, I'm A Member

    Even though I am an apple fan, I could not deny Samsung Galaxy SII. An amazing phone I must admit. Since the beginning they remain Number 1. A beautiful example of a Smartphone.
    if you want to know cool facts and annual sales statistics of Samsung Galaxy SII and Apple products or any other smartphone, you can visit Statista.
    It helped me lot with my class presentations at least :p:cool:
  16. web ninja CrazRoid.com Editor

  17. rksst228 Hey, I'm A Member

    seems like Galaxy S3 has done it again :). the only bad review I heard was it being very expensive. other than that, I think one of the best right now. but I think the question should be whether the Galaxy S3 or HTC One X is better. HTC One made one hell of a phone as well.
  18. Gshone Let Go My AnDroid

    I feel like I'm being such an Apple fanboy because I love the iPhones so much... so to even the playing field, I voted for the iPhone 4S. There's something about the screen size that I really enjoy. The Galaxy S II, from what I've seen, is slightly larger. While I haven't had a personal hands-on, I have a feeling it's too large for my tastes. There are some phones with large screens that don't fit well with me. And I don't have small hands, by any means. It's just that the iPhone 4S has an excellent screen size, IMO. Larger isn't always better.
  19. rksst228 Hey, I'm A Member

    Android is dominating the market right now. I myself am an Apple fan. I have an iPhone 4S. But you can't deny Android now. They are making serious amount of smartphones to capture the market. where Apple is waiting for too long. I know Apples's got quality man! no doubt here. but Smasung, HTC they are giving also providing more than decent amount of qualities. Galaxy SII was truly a wonderful smartphone. one of my friend has it and I used it. it was truly amazing. The screen was not that big of a problem like Galaxy Note. looks sophisticated to me anyway, even though I am a loyal fan of Apple.
  20. hiker New Kid on the Block

    I'm on apple side ! :) just for its innovation and precise!