iPhone 4S vs regular iPhone 4

Discussion in 'Gadget Wars' started by Ghost, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Ghost Hey, I'm A Member

    This should be interesting. Please note that you should keep in mind the price costs for the new iPhone 4S as opposed to the prices for the old iPhone 4. Is the cost worth it in your opinion or no?
    I personally like new things, and Siri, although not as great as I hoped, is still pretty cool.

    I didn't pay for it with my own money, as I got it as a present, so I can't offer much into that however, from what I have heard - people using the old iPhone 4 are pretty satisfied with it still. However, international calling on 4S is a must for me.
  2. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen

    I don't like either of them I don't think either of them is worth there outrageous/laughable price tag. I'd go with the iPhone 4S though, because of the 1080p camera and A5 chip.
  3. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Even though I don't like either of them but I think i'll go with iPhone 4 here because you can install Siri on it and Voila! You don't have to pay a fortune to buy the 4S. [Well, You don't have any fortune left because iPhone 4 already ripped you off :D]
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  4. Ikram Crazy Drama Queen

    You forgot about Siri :p

    Another reason to buy it, like you mentioned, is that it has full HD video recording which only a few smartphones have now! :)
  5. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen

    Well the full HD is limited to 30fps, although that's pretty good for a phone. I didn't mention Siri because that can be intalled in to an iPhone4.
  6. Ronin Forum Moderator

    How can you install siri onto the iphone4? :D I'm really curious, because it was one of the features I loved about the iphone 4S, but knew I would never be able to use it because I won't ever get an iphone 4S. Is it in the app store?
  7. Ikram Crazy Drama Queen

    I think there is something called Siri0us or something for iPhone but for that you would have to jailbreak your phone :)
  8. Ronin Forum Moderator

    Hmmm, on second thought, maybe not. People have been telling me to do it but its till under warrantee here, and jailbreaking it might cost me dearly if something goes wrong.
  9. rksst228 Hey, I'm A Member

    i have an iPhone 4S and my mom uses iPhone 4. So basically i used both of them. I am a hard fan of Apple. but i was pretty disappointed to see such a small difference between these 2 phones. though I am not ignoring the lovely siri here. but when it comes to apple, aren't all our expectations a bit higher than usual? i don't know about you people but at least mine is.
  10. Ikram Crazy Drama Queen

    Not to mention the expensive price. Apple should really decrease the price for Sim free unlocked iPhone :)
  11. Gshone Let Go My AnDroid

    Apple products have always been and will always be expensive. It's something that I've come to live with, despite not wanting to, haha.

    I prefer the 4S over the 4. Though I don't own either of them... I want one. I wouldn't mind owning either one of these phones - they're both awesome. I will most likely be picking up the 4S in the near future, however. Probably just as the iPhone 5 is being released - it always happens to me, but I don't mind being a little behind, seeing as how I think these phones are ahead of most anyway.
  12. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    I don't own a iPhone, but I pick the iPhone 4 since I mainly just use my phone for calling people, and I already own a tablet, and HD pocket camcorder, and digital camera which are good enough for apps, video, and photos.
  13. 3DWaffle1 Let Go My AnDroid

    I picked 4s. It has a better cpu. It use z dual-core ARM Cortex-A9
  14. sagarsaw Let Go My AnDroid

    I would definitely prefer the iPhone 4S over its predecessor.One for the Retina Display which is a huge improvement over the iPhone 4 and the other one is of course Siri,though there are ports which are available for iPhone 4 but they don't work efficiently on the Phone,moreover since the iPhone 5 is here,the prices of iPhone 4S has slashed considerably.
  15. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    4S obviously. The processor, the retina display...need to say more? Still, I'd go only for a second hand one currently, as a new one is still too expensive for me.