iPad Vs Microsoft Surface TV Advertisement Video

Discussion in 'Mobile App and Game Marketing' started by Marc, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Marc Forum Administrator

    iPad Vs Microsoft Surface TV Advertisement Video :

    Err.. lol...?
    What do you guys think about the video?
  2. Joe.Roadley Delivering Perfection - Forum Moderator

    Great video, although I do really like my iPad so it'd have to be amazing for me to buy one.
  3. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    The video is good, but the iPad has smoother performance when I see review videos for them on YouTube, and the video you posted made the MS Surface look faster then it really is in reality.

  4. ramtastic05 Let Go My AnDroid

    This is a tough choice. iPad has definitely been around for years and Apple had time to improve through 3 generations. The Surface on the other hand is brand new and Microsoft is attempting to enter the tablet market. If the surface is better, which I dont think it is, that's a great accomplishment for Microsoft.

    But trying to beat the iPad is tough even for Google and other big companies already in the tablet business.
  5. dilawer Forum Moderator

    that's crap. No matter how hard it is for me to say but in reality iPad is far better and faster than the Surface. that's the truth
  6. ramtastic05 Let Go My AnDroid

    For now it probably is, but in the future i think apple will get demolished, maybe by microsoft (highly unlikely in the short term) but most likely by google and android tablet manufacturers.

    Apple led the way, but its time in front is over.
  7. Johnson Yip I Got The Good Stuff

    I think Linux tablets might also have a chance at being popular because with Linux, you can install and customize your own operating system like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc, upgrade to the latest version of Linux without waiting for your cell phone service provider like AT&T, T-mobile or tablet brand like Acer releasing an update for your device when they feel like it or never at all, and Linux lets you share apps with .deb debian installer files for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and other Debian Linux based Linux OS by downloading them from Internet sites, Apps stores, Peer to Peer file sharing networks, and Bittorent.

    A lot of the Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 are also paid, and there are a lot of free and open source Linux programs like VLC, Libreoffice, FileZilla, Firefox, Gimp, Torcs, etc which do the same thing as paid apps which cost nothing because they are maintained, and made by the Opensource community.