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    What are Crazy Coins?

    A 'crazy coin' is the forum cash currency of CrazyIM.com, which can be used in the Crazy Shop.

    What can I use Crazy Coins For?

    Members can start their own shop in the Crazy Shop section of CrazyIM, so 'crazy coins' can be exchanged for services offered by other members, or for a service that you're seeking.

    Other than member to member exchanges of 'crazy coins', there are other options to choose from, which are offered by CrazyIM.com that you can spend your 'crazy coins' on.

    How do I earn Crazy Coins?

    You can earn 'crazy coins' by starting a thread in the forums or replying to a message. Each member gains 2 'crazy coins' per thread started or 1 'crazy coin' per reply to a thread. Although, if you are caught spamming, your posts/threads will be deleted and your 'crazy coins' will be deducted from your total amount.

    Other than posting to earn 'crazy coins', you can start a shop in the Crazy Shop to offer services to other members of the forum, to earn yourself some 'crazy coins'.

    Added on the 5th February 2012:

    A member that adds your username to the referral field when signing up for an account at CrazyIM.com will reward the referrer with 15 Crazy Coins. The Crazy Coins will be sent to the referrer's account ONLY when/if the new member posts 5 or more quality posts at CrazyIM.com.

    Where can I view how much Crazy Coins I have?

    You can either view your total amount of 'crazy coins' you currently have Via the navigation menu or in your mini-profile of your replies in threads.


    To view how much 'crazy coins' another member has, you can view their mini-profile in their posts in the forums. This information is useful, so you will know if the person has enough 'crazy coins' to transfer to you, for completing a service.

    How to create my own shop?

    Creating your very own shop in the 'Crazy Shop' forum is simple. All that you are required to do, is start your own thread with details of your services. Make sure to explain what you do and to give your shop a title that explains what you do, so others can find it. Also include your prices, etc.

    Note : Each member is only allowed to create ONE shop.

    If you have any questions regarding Crazy Coins/Shops, please send me a private message, :thumbsup:.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.