Do you think a "free trial" is a good idea to get someone to buy an app?

Discussion in 'Mobile App and Game Marketing' started by Marc, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Marc Forum Administrator

    Do you think that giving people a free trail of an app is a good idea to get them to purchase it?
    Or is it a waste of time...? (do you think a YouTube video of the app in action is sufficient?).

    Please give a reason for your answer.
  2. Corvus Highly Addictive User

    Free trial is cool so we can experiment and have an opinion about it. If we like we buy it, if not..
    I don't think it's a waste of time. It's a technique of sales. It results. People like free trials.
    Videos are good but there's nothing like trying it by yourself. So no, I don't think that videos are enough.
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  3. AnnaS Highly Addictive User

    I always try for free before to make a decision about paid application. So, yes, I think it is a good idea (I think as a user in this case).
  4. dilawer Forum Moderator

    I'd take Freemium over trials anyday.
  5. Avent Forum Moderator

    Free trial is okay. I tend to think more people do a free and paid version, correct? Where the free has limited features and ads and the paid is improved on that. Guess the free version acts as the trial?
  6. Victoria Let Go My AnDroid

    I'm pretty much broke, so any app that I actually spend my money on is usually one that I have tried before and enjoyed. Otherwise I don't get to see that it is actually worth the money. I think a free trial is a great idea for an app's promotion.
  7. agarwal99 New Kid on the Block

    A better idea would be to make a free app in which most of the awesome content is paid. Believe me, if you are addicted to something, you'll pay almost anything for those extra premium features!
  8. Sobi New Kid on the Block

    yes its a better way to promote your app in world , but mostly people are wanted free apps , and yes a big diffrence bitween free and paid apps features, so i will say yes i will pay money for extra features ,
  9. Youngster New Kid on the Block

    Yes, it is very strategic. But, however, it can get annoying when the trial is very short.
  10. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    Of course. It's also very good for receiving feedback from users.
  11. Teg Forum Moderator

    Of course I Do. Free trials give the buyers a chance to try before they buy. I think it's an excellent way to get people to buy a product. If they like it enough while they are experimenting, then they will most likely buy the full version to continue.