CIM Auction #04 - Win $20 US Via PayPal

Discussion in 'Auction Tower' started by Marc, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Marc Forum Administrator

    Welcome to CIM Auction #04. Win $20 US Via PayPal by bidding your Crazy Coins.
    Use the extra cash to purchase apps, games & themes Via your smartphone's App Store or whatever you want.

    This thread will be closed on the 6th of July 2012 and the highest bidder will receive the $20 US.
    ( payment will take 24 hours to be sent / payment Via PayPal )

    For more information about auctions, please read this thread or send me a personal conversation.

    Rules :
    • Don't bid Crazy Coins that you do not own.
    • You must post in this thread with the amount of Crazy Coins you're willing to bid.
    • This topic is ONLY for bidding. NOT for questions or discussions.
    • Each bid MUST be at least 4 or more Crazy Coins from the previous bidder.
    • If you fail to follow our rules, you will be disallowed from bidding for CIM auction #04.
    • One more thing: Staff members aren't allowed to bid.

    Opening : This auction will start off at 10 Crazy Coins.
    Happy bidding! :coffee:
  2. Ronin Forum Moderator

  3. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Y U No read the rules?
  4. Ronin Forum Moderator

    Sorry :) it was a typo, replaced my keyboard since then. I posted quickly as well while switching projects. Forgive me. :(
  5. Marc Forum Administrator

    We have no participants.. I'll lock this up for now, :unsure:
    This will most likely be our last CIM Auction at Now, back to the drawing board, :sleep:

    Edited (14th July 2012): I'm going to replace CIM Auctions with a monthly Lottery.
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