Blackberry or iPhone?

Discussion in 'BlackBerry and BlackBerry World' started by Juice, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Juice BBM Crazy Member

    I'm guessing this would go into this section! :)
    What one do you prefer and what one are you most likely to buy?
  2. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    After owning both of these I would have to say that now if I had the choice between the two I would have to choose an iPhone, there is alot more about the iPhone I like compared to a Blackberry, the apps, the different features compared, the whole style of an iPhone compared to a blackberry.
  3. 50Cent Let Go My AnDroid

    For me i would say iPhone because i never used Blackberry before and i believe iPhone has more functions compared to Blackberry.
  4. Ikram Crazy Drama Queen

    I would prefer iPhone because I haven't used BB much and also I think iPhone is a little better in some aspects than BB
  5. Elseb Crazy Drama Queen

    Personally i would have have an IPhone but i wouldn't be annoyed at having a Blackberry!
  6. StripesAndFins BBM Crazy Member

    If I had to choose, I would pick the iPhone, but I would much rather have a droid.
  7. Marc Forum Administrator

    It really depends on what smartphone you're looking at.
    If you're comparing the company, then I guess you can say "blackberry" ( RIM ) or "iphone" ( Apple ) .

    The newest blackberry torch ( 9860 ) has more RAM and a faster processor than the iPhone4, :eek:
    The iPhone wins with the apps/games and uniqueness. No complaining there, ;)

    I don't prefer any company over the other, :thumbsup:
  8. Naiwen Let Go My AnDroid

    I hate both of them. Loathing them. Dunno why people take an interest in them, to tell you the truth.
  9. Ghost Smoke I'm Not Crazy, or Am I

    I prefer the Blackberry that's what I use for everyday use. iPhone is pretty cool for apps and stuff but other than that I would definiatly pick Blackberry over iPhone!
  10. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen

    I do not like Apple products at all. They make their products as good as any other ones and then quadruple the price. I love the Blackberry Torch as it is very appealing to me. I might get a Torch as soon as I have the money for one ;)
  11. Hishy New Kid on the Block

    I prefer iPhone due to the sheer simple complexity it has. The phone is easy to use, yet, has a lot of depth to it. The app selection is amazing. However, if I was a texting addict, I would prefer the Blackberry by far. The iPhone auto-correct can become a nuisance.
  12. Shix Let Go My AnDroid

    I prefer the Blackberry because i love talking to my friends who are in different country's with the BBM. I also don't like Apple products that much anyway.
  13. anna_karenina Highly Addictive User

    Considering the price, which I think is very important, I would choose a BB, but comparing what phones know to do... definitely iPhone.
  14. Avent Forum Moderator

    iPhone no competition what so ever. I buy phones for the applications now and apart from BBM I do not find much in Blackberry phones that would interest me.
  15. Meet New Kid on the Block

    For me iphone will do very better than blackberry. Though I don't have any of them but I have tried both of them and found that blackberry has very less apps as compared to iphone and iphone also has a good user interface for users like me. Well I own a samsung galaxy S3 which is also cool device.
  16. sagarsaw Let Go My AnDroid

    Blackberry held it's USP in the days when there was no other alternative to BBM.
    But then came Whatsapp and now quite recently Hike.
    So why would one pay for Blackberry Services when one can get the same service for free via Whatsapp and Hike?
    So long story short,iPhone anyday when you are comparing it with Blackberry
  17. dilawer Forum Moderator

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  18. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    iPhone, without any doubts! BlackBerry is pretty good, but the iOS is better, not to mention the diversity of apps from the app store.