BlackBerry 10 Tablets

Discussion in 'BlackBerry and BlackBerry World' started by Marc, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Marc Forum Administrator

    BlackBerry has confirmed in a press release that there will be BlackBerry 10 tablets.
    What are your thoughts, guys?
  2. Avent Forum Moderator

    Seems like a decent idea I guess. Don't think I would get it but it has to be an improvement on the Playbook currently.
  3. Marc Forum Administrator

    What will you like to see in the blackberry 10 tablets? What sort of specs are you expecting?
  4. Avent Forum Moderator

    Obviously the main thing would be better coded features. The PlayBook was a let down on that where a lot of there plans fell through in terms of pre installed apps and then they just decided to link to the mobile site versions instead.

    Not so bothered about the specs, PlayBook specs seem to be good as it is.
  5. sagarsaw Let Go My AnDroid

    Well the Operating System does look good on paper,but the thing is that only features can't win he battle for you.As you can see with their latest release Z10,IMO they have overpriced the device at least by 250$.So whenever they bring the tablets,they should be cautious about the price range.
  6. dilawer Forum Moderator

    BB playbook wasn't a break through device but it saw a little success because of its ability to run android, iOS apps. I don't have high hopes for a BB10 tab, if it runs android apps then there's a possibility.
  7. Corvus Highly Addictive User

    Sounds interesting but lets wait and see. It might be something good or it may be more of the same.
    I hope it can be used by everyone and it's compatible with other devices.
  8. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    I'm really curious about their upcoming products. Their latest phones, Q10 and Z10 were pretty awesome, and the new OS runs very good. It will definitely be better than the previous Playbooks.