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Discussion in 'BlackBerry and BlackBerry World' started by Shortie861, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Shortie861 I Got The Good Stuff

    Which Blackberry Phone do you feel has been the best to date?

    I myself was told by a friend of mine that he would recommend the Blackberry Torch (didn't state which model) over any other Blackberry phone which looks like a great phone but was way over my budget at the time of me needing a new phone.
  2. Marc Forum Administrator

  3. Castle I'm Not Crazy, or Am I

    I too always hear good things said about the Torch.
  4. Shahrier Crazy Drama Queen

    I love the blackberry torch. It is an amazing phone and it also looks great.
  5. Drake Hey, I'm A Member

    It's either the new blackberry torch or the blackberry bold.
  6. anna_karenina Highly Addictive User

    I never tried Torch, but I saw it and I think (girly girl talking again) it's so cuuuute :). I hope to get a BB one day, although my current phone is OK(ish).
  7. Marc Forum Administrator

    As of now (February, 2013), it's the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 smartphones.
  8. Avent Forum Moderator

    I would agree with you there Marc. They are a vast improvement on previous.
  9. sagarsaw Let Go My AnDroid

    If you want to cmpare within the berries then i would say the recently launched Z10,though the device is priced at a higher price point than what it should be.
    The second best in my opinion is storm.
  10. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    Indeed, the Z10 is really cool, but I'd go for the Q10. It has that BB flavour, with the qwerty keyboard. And that touchscreen is just awesome!
  11. jason Hey, I'm A Member

    I would go with Blackberry Z10 their new Mobile with their new OS. Eventhough it is of high price tag, it remains one of the coolest phone.
  12. agarwal99 New Kid on the Block

    It is the Z10 for sure, but BB Store doesn't have a lot of apps. If it would have been released with Android, or by Apple, then the price tag would've been worth it.
  13. Nuke Crazy Drama Queen

    I see that BB is still going

    But anyway:

    I'd say it'd be the Z10 or Q10; probably the Z10 depending on how big the keys are on the Q10.
  14. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    I think that everyone agrees that the latest generation of BB, with the 10 os is the best so far.