Are screen protectors neccessary for Tablets, phones, and hand helds?

Discussion in 'Accessory Discussions' started by Johnson Yip, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Adriana Highly Addictive User

    I don't like them at all, I always take them off.
    I bought myself a phone case though, so I won't scratch the screen. Protecting your phone is important, I just find screen protectors to be annoying.
  2. Corvus Highly Addictive User

    I don't like it but I use it.
    If you want to get rid of scratches buy one. It's all about protection.
    Well if you are careful, you will probably won't have a problem without a screen protector but there's nothing like be prepared so.. buy one.
  3. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Yes, for me they're. Otherwise the screen could get really messy!
  4. web ninja Editor

    If I have a case with a slight rim/edge extending beyond the screen, I'm not too concerned about not having a screen protector. If I do have a protector, it's not cheap and I have the cell provider or store stick it on because I suck at getting it straight and perfect.
  5. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Who doesn't? xD
  6. sagarsaw Let Go My AnDroid

    Scrren protectors are indeed a necessity.Though almost all the devices has a Gorilla Glass protection now a days,but that protects it from scratches upto a certain extent,so rather than risking a scratch,a scratch cover is always better preventive measure.
  7. Marc Forum Administrator

    My last screen protector was defective. I carried it back to the store, they replaced it and BAM - they were all defective, :dead:. I got tired of searching so I decided not to get a screen protector.

    As for my tabbies, they don't need that kind of stuff, :meh:
    I get along just fine without 'em.
  8. web ninja Editor

    How is a screen protector defective?
  9. Marc Forum Administrator

    It did not work, :eek: (it did not stick to the touchscreen)
  10. dilawer Forum Moderator

    You're saying that no screen protector sticked? That's weird!
  11. Marc Forum Administrator

    No screen protector from the store I went to, ;) They were all defective (must have been there a while).
  12. dilawer Forum Moderator

    Heh, bad luck :-P
  13. jason Hey, I'm A Member

    I do use screen protector which comes default with the device. I like my mobile to be protected from scratches..
  14. agarwal99 New Kid on the Block

    Screen protecters are a must in my opinion, and I am speaking from RL experience. My brother loves playing games on our old SII. When my dad bought it, I removed the screen protector because I thought it was annoying. Now the screen's badly scratched, my brother is not really careful in the way he handles gadgets. But yeah, screen protectors are definitely a must.
  15. Sheepishwolf Highly Addictive User

    I think they're relatively essential. I used to not use one, but since I have cleaning up drops of water/stuff that spills onto it is easily 100 times more easy. I wish I had used one since I got my phone, because then it would have a lot less scratches and look more nice. With the next phone upgrade I get, I will definitely use one.
  16. lowrider.STi Let Go My AnDroid

    For me a screen protector is mandatory. I have a protective film on my phone's screen from the first day I got it. And I must admit that I did a great job applying it. You can't even see it. :)